Courses: Personal growth

Courses: Personal growth

Finding the meaning of life.

Since the beginning of humanity, spiritually sensible people have felt the need to find the meaning of life, and they have found it in all the things that bring us together as human beings, creating a future for our existence. They have understood these issues as the most important part of their legacy that they could leave to their descendants, and so they have transmitted generations on. At first, during thousands of years, through oral traditions and later through writing. Some of the most contrasted teachings in history can be found in the sacred writings.

The paradox of knowledge.

However nowadays, paradoxically, there are more intellectuals, engineers and scientists studying, working and transmitting their knowledge than ever before in history. Moreover, thanks to the Internet, the sharing of knowledge is at everyone's reach. Therefore, the achievements and advancements of technological knowledge are so overwhelming and immediate, that is is easy to believe that all answers are found in technology and science.

Anti religious views.

Such situation, together with the struggles of the Church to adapt its catholic principles to modern life and the preservation of vain traditions, leads people outside the religious life to adopt anticlerical views and feelings against religion which have lead to some of the most painful moments in history such as the Russian revolution, WWII or Spanish Civil War amongst others.

Having said that, religion will continue to have immense importance. Although it is very important to have its leaders and pastors remind us that superstition, stereotypes and religious populism only contribute to enforce group identity which can lead to confrontation and division when religion is not lived correctly.

United by the search for truth.

For humanity's sake, it is absolutely necessary to continue meditating and embracing all aspects that unite us and give us purpose. So we can learn to distinguish the wrong uses of those tools and methods that we are continuously discovering and inventing.

The simple transmission of of true knowledge is so clearly evident, that all of us can identify its TRUTH. We are all capable of recognizing the words of eternal life.

With such intention, at “Los Claros” we are going to keep posting on these pages those ideas and thoughts that we consider interesting for society's growth and for the preservation of life.

The free transmission of knowledge is the best tool that we have in order to keep cultivating life. Damaging ideas will still be transmitted secretly and in exchange of favours, until the definitive triumph of Truth.

The locals from Sierra Morena tend to refer to thy neighbour with the phrase : “I tell you my truth”. It is a form of expression which I find very endearing. Faithful to them and their tradition, here “I tell you my truth”.


At the moment, we do not organize or offer courses, however, if you wish to have us organize an event, meeting, conference… regarding any of these topics, please contact us and we will try to make it happen.

Personal Development Courses. Available documentation:

2011. Verano: “Introducción a los apuntes iniciales de crecimiento personal.pdf”

2011. Verano: “I Etapas de la vida de la persona.pdf”.

2011. Verano: “II Niveles de la persona.pdf”.

2011. Verano: “III Revalidar el Sistema Educativo.pdf”.

2011. Verano: “IV Las Inteligencias Múltiples.pdf”.

2011. Verano: “V Las 5 Mentes del Futuro.pdf”.

2011. Verano: “VI Los Valores Universales.pdf”.

2011. Verano: “VII Que la Vida sea La Pera.pdf”.


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