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Tourism Nature and hunting. Granada

Tourism, Nature and hunting.

At “Los Claros” we offer the opportunity to combine days of hunting with other personal activities.

Our immaculate surroundings invite you to enjoy moments of peace and tranquility with nature.

The style of rural life in unison with the changing cycles of nature, pushes one to live in harmony with the environment around them, and therefore be dependent on the sustainable use of it. Making it a treasure of incalculable value in a society that is increasingly hectic, pragmatic and disconnected from the natural world.

Ecoturism in "Los Claros".

Therefore, ecotourism is presented as a necessary counterpoint to urban stress, enabling the integral development of the person.

The main attraction of “Los Claros”, is its fascinating natural environment. While enjoying comfortable accommodation, you can experience magical moments like deer bellowing, or watching vultures descend to feast in great numbers on a meal.

You can observe the vast biodiversity of the area. We offer hiking and walking on our paths, or fishing in reservoirs and rivers. Participate in fieldwork: harvesting the olives, cork or preparing meats. And you can also visit the Natural Park of the Sierra de Cardeña y Montoro (home of the Iberian lynx), the ancient mines of Almadén or farms, dairies, and mills in the area.

A different way of travelling.

Come and learn firsthand about the lifestyle, architecture, cuisine, crafts and customs which over the centuries have mixed with different cultures and have shaped the authentic Spanish character.

The relatively short travel distances in Spain make it easy to visit some of the most relevant and important tourist destinations in the world. And of course we can help you plan a visit.


If you are in the United States you can contact with:

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Tourism Nature and hunting. Riding
Tourism Nature and hunting. Ham dryer
Tourism Nature and hunting. Oil mill

Independent tourism.

The Iberian Peninsula has always been a meeting place for many Romans, Arabs, Jews, and Christians. Over the centuries they have shaped the character and lifestyle of the area. This cultural mix is best preserved in rural areas of Mozarabic Spain. Great examples of these ancient cultures such as architecture, cuisine, crafts and customs continue here.

We can help coordinate tours for people who are interested in independent tourism outside of the norm, and avoiding typical tourist packed routes. With the help of a guide-interpreter you can visit the villages of the valley and of the Sierra Morena. Come and learn first hand about the places, people, food, crafts and the deep rooted traditions of Spanish culture.

Tourist cities:

Almadén (50Km)
Prehistoric Rock Art in Sierra Morena (170km)
Córdoba (120km)
Úbeda and Baeza (195km)
Granada (285km)
Toledo (220km)
Seville (250km)
Mérida (250km)
Cáceres (300km)
Doñana (300km)
Cuenca (340km)

Tourism and hunting. Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba
Tourism and hunting. Alhambra. Granada
Tourism and hunting. Seville

Tourist visits.

The drastic changes in Spain’s landscape over short distances invite the traveller to experience all of the wonderful and unique contrasts between each type of environment. In addition, Spain has the second highest number of declared World Heritage sites by UNESCO. For those who do not have much time but wish to visit some of the sites, 11 of them can be found within a 300km radius of "Los Claros".

Other recommended destinations:

Almagro (115km)
Málaga (270km)
Madrid (350km)
Marbella (325km)
Embalse de la Serena
Pozoblanco Golf Course

Tourism and hunting. Golf
Tourism and hunting. Marbella
Tourism and hunting. Madrid

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