Facilities at the hunting estate

Facilities at "Los Claros"


Los Claros can also offer comfortable accommodation in "El Cortijo" for two people in a double room with full bath and full board.


For larger groups we have "La Casa de Francisquillo". It’s located in the sunny south of the preserve and can welcome up to 10 people.


Two people can be hosted (double room with bathroom) in “El Cortijo” at "Los Claros", by agreement with the property. The Cortijo has several lounges with a fireplace, garden, and pool.

In addition to the days of hunting and observing nature we can also help arrange a few days off to prepare goods or tour routes of interest.

Facilities at "Los Claros". Fachade
Facilities at "Los Claros". Dining room
Facilities at "Los Claros". Bedroom
Facilities at "Los Claros". Living room
Facilities at "Los Claros". Beds
Facilities at "Los Claros". Swimming pool and garden
Facilities at "Los Claros". Entrance hall
Facilities at "Los Claros". Big dining room
Facilities at "Los Claros". Bathroom


This house offers beautiful mountain views and can host up to 10 people. There is a bedroom with one double bed and another bedroom with two twin beds on the ground floor. There is also a bathroom, kitchen, pantry, patio, courtyard, pool table and two lounge areas with fireplaces. Upstairs there is a loft with six beds and another bathroom. This house is relatively isolated from the main area of the farm, so meals and other accommodations should preferably be arranged the day before.

Facilities at "Los Claros". Groups bedroom Casa Francisquillo
Facilities at "Los Claros". Bathroom Casa Francisquillo
Facilities at "Los Claros". Living room Casa Francisquillo
Facilities at "Los Claros". Entrance hall Casa Francisquillo
Facilities at "Los Claros". Game room Casa Francisquillo
Facilities at "Los Claros". Patio Casa Francisquillo
Facilities at "Los Claros". Beds Casa Francisquillo
Facilities at "Los Claros". Bedroom Casa Francisquillo
Facilities at "Los Claros". Kitchen Casa Francisquillo


All our meats come from our farm or have been hunted at "Los Claros". While in "Los Claros", you will enjoy traditional dishes of the local cuisine, all prepared with local produce. Honey collected from our own hives, fresh eggs collected daily, game meat, potatoes, fruits and vegetables from our garden, our oil made with olives and cold cuts, sausages and other prepared meats will be prepared by our cook following any request a few hours in advance.


Iberian acorn feed ham from our farm.
Cold meat from our farm.
Local Cheese selection.
Salmorejo (Cold garlic, bread, olive oil and tomato soup).
Ajoblanco (Cold garlic, bread and almond soup).
Gazpacho andaluz (Cold garlic, pepper and tomato soup).
Gazpachillo de carne (Pasta and vegetable stew with partridge).
Ensaladilla pobre (Potato salad).
Stuffed eggs.
Pipirrana (Raw tomato, pepper and onion mix).


Vegetable mix with tomato sauce.
Grilled vegetables.
Range of stocks.
Range of soups.
Andalusian stew.
Beans with pork.
Lentils with pork.
Potatoes with pork.
Potatoes with rabbit.
Potatoes, eggs and Iberian acorn feed ham.
The original Paella rice.
White rice with chicken, olives and ham.
White rice with chicken cooked in beer.
Oven cook rice with sausages, potato, chickpeas and tomato.
White rice with egg, tomato sauce and sausage.
Rice with, eggs, and chicken gizzards & livers.
Rice with pork ribs.
Fried eggs from homebred chicken.
Fried sausages from our traditional pig-killing.
Deer loin-grilled.
Mouflon loin-grilled.
Wild boar loin-grilled.
Venison stew.
Roasted meat with potatoes, lamb or piglet.


Seasonal fruit.
Custard cream.
Crème caramel.
Rice pudding.
Junket cake.
Chocolate cake.
Hot chocolate.
Honey from our hives.
Sponge cake.
Toasts, with olive oil, tomato and ham.
Fried eggs.
Scrambled eggs.


Soft drinks.

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