Big game in Spain

Big game in Spain

Big game in Spain. "Los Claros".

When the reserve was established in 1970, only friends and family hunted big game. The main activities of the farm were agriculture and livestock, mostly beef cattle. Over the years, the importance of game species rose and became commercially utilized in the mid-eighties. By the mid-nineties, the beef cattle was moved to a perimeter area with no contact with deer or mouflon.

Big game variety.

Finally, in 2007 all the cattle was sold and the entire estate became devoted to the production of game species, except for a very small Iberian pig farm that occupied a small perimeter plot.

The reserve currently enjoys a large area where red deer, mouflon, roe deer, and wild boar roam and where they can be hunted by stalking, waiting and montería.

Selected animals for repopulation.

Furthermore, in 1996, we established the breeding and sale of deer and mouflon, with regional registration number 111 and REGA ES13015000621 code. The selected animals are sold with all the health requirements needed for the repopulation of other reserves. Since 2007, deer and mouflon now inhabit these reserves that were once farms occupied by bovine.

For more information see The hunting-ground.

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