Wellcome to “Los Claros”

Benefits of the rural world. Wellcome to "Los Claros"

Preservation of Nature and Biodiversity.

Welcome to “Los Claros”! Here you will find a team of people compromised with the preservation of nature and biodiversity, that fights for a sustainable lifestyle. We are convinced that the best preservation is achieved in an active way, by living and working in the countryside. But in order to achieve this, our activity has to be economically sustainable.

Some experts affirm that farming, agriculture and forestry are amongst the most polluting activities. In the ¨Wildlife Estates¨ we take care of our terrain, ground and soil not only to ensure the best feeding of wild species but also attract nature tourism and hunting of different species of which meat is commercialized. With this new agrosilvopastoral exploitment method, we can achieve a higher rate of nature preservation and biodiversity increase while improving revenue and managing to maintain job opportunities. This way, we manage to fulfill our objectives with the minimum amount of public funds and therefore a minimum cost for taxpayers.

Take advantage of the rural world benefits.

In “Los Claros” in addition to hunting and nature sighting or photography, you can also take part in the daily countryside activities, in customs we maintain, or even get involved in seminars about topics such as hunting, environment preservation and rural development or personal growth. We also offer the opportunity to organize courses related to the aforementioned topics. All without having to leave the estate, being comfortably hosted in it. Needless to say, you can also organize visits and outings to beautiful places in the area.

We are confident that this project will excite you and our services and products will be of your liking. We are at your disposal. Welcome to “Los Claros"!

Benefits of the rural world. The Corell family
Benefits of the rural world. Who we are
Benefits of the rural world. Enjoy the nature

Rural development through wild ulgulates.

After many years of countryside life, we have forged our own vision of life and work in the rural world, the preservation of the environment, hunting, rural development, Common Agricultural Policy… We are convinced that it is not only desirable to live in the surrounded by nature but it is also possible to create new job opportunities and conserve our natural heritage and biodiversity in an economically efficient manner, through the good and sustainable use of wild ungulates.

A team of environmentally compromised people.

The team at "Los Claros", committed with life and our future, offers you, through this webpage, the opportunity to experience the pleasure of working firsthand with nature and wildlife. Also, in “Activities”, in the “Courses and training” section, we share our reflections and experiences to help the human being reconcile with himself and with our natural environment.

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