Big game hunting methods

Big game hunting methods

Big game hunt.

Initially, small game made up the majority of hunted species. However, in the early 1980s, big game like deer and wild boar became hunted more frequently.

Today you can practice the 3 big game hunting methods: Stalking, waiting, and montería. You can also practice 4 of the most recognized methods for bird hunting: Hand hunting, drivent hunting, claim partridge hunting, or fixed stand hunting.

Stalking and waiting hunting methods can be used to hunt the five Big Game species. Only 2 hunters/day can hunt at same time in the hunting reserve. Besides hunting open season species, deer and mouflon can be hunted by stalking from September 1st until the end of the season.

Best dates for each hunting method.

Usually the best deer stalking is in September and October and the best mouflon stalking, a month later. Hunting wild boar is also authorized throughout the year to control population levels.


Montería’s various types of hunts include: Montería and small monterías. Three monterias can be performed annually or six small montería, or any combination of the two. Also 2 extra driven hunts could be done under special conditions if public administration allows.

In montería, only deer, mouflon and wild boar are hunted. While it can be performed throughout the year, the best months for montería are usually October, November, and December.

Small hunt.

As for small game, each method has its limitations in terms of species and what time of the year the hunting can occur. Hand hunting can be used as well as hunting from fixed positions or stands to hunt partridges, hares and pigeons.

In addition to the species listed above, anytime outside of the designated period, you can hunt opportunistic predators such as fox and magpie to control their populations.



Visiting hunters, assisted by estate guards as guides, will have an unforgettable experience in search of the trophy they have always dreamed of.



In "Los Claros", the recommend time for montería is in November and the first half of December. It can also be done from the 10th of January to the last day of the season, which is usually between the 15th and 20th of February, but the weather may be less ideal.



With the help of our experienced team at "Los Claros", it is possible to bow hunt trophy deer, mouflon, and wild boar with a percentage of success difficult to match in the rest of Spain.



Small game is usually reserved for natural predators, but their abundance allows hunters to complete their journey’s big game hunt with the addition of small trophies.


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