Natural Heritage

Located in the heart of Sierra Morena, “Los Claros” is a protected natural area home to many animals who we live and work with, including a variety of endangered species.

The Reserve

In “Los Claros” the hunter will find one of the best estates for big game that Spain has to offer. The sheer number and quality of pure iberian red deers, iberian mouflons and wild boars will ensure an unforgettable hunting experience.


In addition to the days of hunting and experiencing nature, "Los Claros" can help you organize a few days off to tour some of the region’s most interesting sights.

Rural Personal Shopper

By buying our high-quality certified venison, organic oil, honey, cheese, Iberian meats and other non-food products, you are helping to fund and maintain the future of nature conservation at "Los Claros".

Big game hunting estate. Spain. Iberian red deer. Drawing

Los Claros hunting estate




Custodians of Nature, Biodiversity, Rural Life, Gastronomy and Traditions.

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Big game hunting estate. Iberian mouflons. Spain


With 6 months notice we can arrange “Driven Hunts” for groups of hunters. These outings are usually organized twice a year to hunt pure iberian red deers, iberian mouflons, and wild boar.

Big game hunting estate. Spain. Tower

Waiting and stalking.

Visiting hunters, assisted by the “Los Claros” team, will be able to live unforgettable moments on their search for a trophy they’ve always craved for.

Big game hunting estate. Pure Iberian red deer. Spain

Crossbow hunting.

With help from our experienced team, "Los Claros" offers arch hunters the opportunity to hunt iberian red deer, iberianmouflon, and wild boar with a percentage of success difficult to match in Spain .

Big game hunting estate. Spain. Partridge

Small game.

Small game is usually left to natural predators. However, their abundance on the reserve allows hunters to complete their big game journey with a larger bounty than expected while contributing to the area's food chain balance.


Located between the provinces of Ciudad Real and Córdoba, "Los Claros" offers transportation, pick-up and drop-off services for hunters, eco-tourists, and travelers

  AVE: Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia, Puertollano

 Airports: Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia

Big game hunting estate. Spain. Where is Los Claros
AECUS. Asociación Española de Criadores de Ungulados Silvestres
FEDFA. Federation of European Deer Farmers Associations
BDFPA. British Deer Farms & Parks Association
APROCA. Asociación de Propietarios Rurales para la Gestión Cinegética y la Conservación del Medio Ambiente
ATICA CLM. Asociación de Titulares de Cotos, Cazadores, y Actividades Afines al Sector Cinegético de Castilla La Mancha
ASICCAZA. Asociación Interprofesional de la Carne de Caza
AVA-ASAJA. Asociación Valenciana de Agricultores. Asociación Agraria de Jóvenes Agricultores
WE. Wildlife Estate
ELO. European Landowners Organization
SCI. Safari Club International
CIC. International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation
GSC OVIS. Grand Slam Club Ovis
AAI. Fundación Amigos del águila Imperial, Lince Ibérico y Espacios Naturales Privados
ILL. Iberian Linx Land

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