Courses for photographers

Courses for photographers

Nature Photography Practice Course.

Thanks to Iberian Lynx Land, it is possible to organize personalized courses and outings for photographers. Photography outings will be essentially practical, trying to get the maximum out of daylight, which means we will go to the hides first thing in the morning and also evening in order to shoot with the best natural light conditions and capture the most amazing moments of the rutting season.

Photography Initiation Courses.

For those who have just started to take up nature photography, you can count with the cooperation of several recognized nature photographers who will be available for advice and doubt-solving before the outing begins.

Photography from our hides.

Photography outings are limited to a maximum of up to 10 participants, with the intention of offering a comfortable accomodation in “La Casa de Francisquillo” also inside the estate. Having said that, some hides are built in the base of the observation towers, so whoever wishes can also spend the night in the tower to descend from the hide at the ideal time (if this option is chosen, it is important for you to bring sleeping bags). Mobile hides will also be installed. People can also bring their own hide if they have one, in order to find other available locations and capture shots from different perspectives.

Recommendations for nature photography.

When talking about lenses, it is advisable you have one with a focal distance of at least 300mm., although bigger focals are also interesting; but is is also convenient to have a zoom lens at your disposal, which will make it easier to capture close-up shots. It is necessary to have a tripod, a comfortable chair, replacement batteries and enough memory cards for every photography outing. It is also advisable to have a laptop or hard drive available in order to offload photo memory space.

Shoewise, it is convenient you use boots with ankle reinforcement, since we will be moving through stoney areas, and also warm clothing. So before leaving, it is important you check the weather conditions. Having said that, regardless of season or weather conditions, it is always advisable to bring at least a long sleeve since we will be entering the hides at 5 a.m.

Photographers accomodation.

The food served during these days will consist on local products such as the ones obtained from “Los Claros” livestock. In “La Casa de Francisquillo” you will get everything you need for breakfast, and so that you can eat something of your liking at any point in time. We will announce the menu a few days before the photography workshop starts. The meals we usually prepare at “Los Claros” can bee seen through this link: See meals

(*) If someone is allergic to any sort of food product, please let us know so we can prepare an alternative menu option.


Photography outings will be done based on an established timetable, which may vary depending on the time of the year.

Base timetable

First day:
05:00 pm. Welcoming at "Los Claros".
07:30 pm. Transfer to the “La Casa de Francisquillo” and accommodation.
08:00 pm. Presentation and programming of photography outings, for those who have just taken up nature photography a small instructive talk will take place about some aspects and rules to follow when using the hides. The hide groups for the different sessions will also be formed and announced.
09:00 pm. Dinner (*).
10:00 pm. Free time (nighttime photography is also an option). Transfer to the observation towers for those who chose to spend the night there.

Second day:
05:00 am. Breakfast and snack bags give out (*).
05:30 am. Transfer to the estate hides.
11:00 am. Pick up from hides and transfer to “La Casa de Francisquillo”.
12:00 pm. Appetizer. Recap of work done and sharing of experiences.
02:30 pm. Lunch (*).
04:30 pm. Hide assignment and transfer.
09:30 pm. Pick up from hides and transfer to “La Casa de Francisquillo”.
10:00 pm. Dinner (*).
11:00 pm. Recap of work done and sharing of experience. Work corrections.

Third day:
05:00 am. Breakfast and snack bags give out. (*).
05:30 am. Transfer to the estate hides.
11:00 am. Pick up from hides and transfer to “La Casa de Francisquillo”.
12:00 pm. Appetizer. Recap of work done and sharing of experiences.
01:30 pm. Lunch(*).
02:00 pm. Farewell and diplomas.


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